Kaua'i '01 -- The Sunrise and Shave Ice Tour

Our humble abode

Our semi-resident dog, Jimmy ("I don't do carrot sticks")

Our resident cat, Zorita

First day sunset

Jer and David on the beach

Rita on the beach

David, Jer and Rita on the beach

Jerry with a mohawk

Our first sunrise

Helping the sun come up

The path to the beach

Emergency response (the body of a local fisherman washed up on our beach)

This is what we do when we've forgotten our keys

Rita in shave ice heaven

Jer contemplates losing his shave ice virginity

Another sunrise

A Gaughin maiden contemplates the sunrise

Mr. Natural does the same

Guys on the beach (photo by Jen)

Helping the sun rise again

Building a heiau for Marc Arakawa, the drowned guy

The finished heiau

Casting a lei for Marc

Ganseetah on the beach

Gans and his fans I and II

An amazing rainbow

Rainbow over the heiau

Drew's pot of gold

Rainbow light

Lunch at Kilauea Bakery: photo by Reva; photo by Rita

Baby serenade I, II and III

The sunset crew gathers

Jer at sunset, and David

Yet another sunrise

Helping it come up again

Makana seen from Limahuli Garden

Rita and Jen at Limahuli Garden

Back for more shave ice, imagine that

Jer finally takes the plunge

That look of David's

No, it's sunSET, actually (with fullish moon)

Arty shots of sunset reflected in lava rock pools I, II and III

Farewell dinner at Postcards I, II, III; with Postcat

One more sunrise

... and its helpers

The view from our beach toward Makana

The gecko series: I, II, III, IV

Just a hug at twilight...

One last sunrise

Breakfast at Ono Family Restaurant en route to the airport, sigh


Photos (c) 2001 Reva Basch

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